Food Safety and Quality in Europe

Regional workshops as sustainability measure

PROMISE disseminates the main results through regional Workshops together with the integrated food safety authorities in the regions. Most of These events are given in the local language and ensure a regional integration of stakeholders.



- 11th November, 2014: PHA, Bratislava -  national workshop for microbiologists from Regional Public Health Authorities

About 31 participants joined this workshop with the title "PROMISE cooperation between food safety authority in Slovakia and food research".

- 25th September, 2014: Regional workshop about PHA´s international projects designed for epidemiologists, laboratory technicians and PHA´s officers. This workshop was organized by Public Health Authority of Slovak Republic (PHA) and more than 50 people joined this event.

The workshop gave information about the current status of the PROMISE tasks and about the Strategy of food –safety and Risk Communication in the Slovak Republic.

- 30th October, 2014: A regional workshop for scientists, students, FBO and veterinary officers.

The workshop with 54 participants was organized at the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology of the Slovak Technical University with the following program:

•    Sirotná, Z., Gičová, Z., Šimonyiová, D., Otrusiník, R. (PHA):
 Project PROMISE – goals, tasks and ouputs

•    Sirotná, Z. (PHA):
Food-Safety Srategy and Risk Communication in the Slovak Republic

•    Minarovičová, J., Koreňová, J., Véghová, A., Kaclíková, E., Kuchta, T. (VUP):
Microbiological monitoring of food-factories in the context of european research

•    Koreňová, J., Véghová, A., Kaclíková, E., Siekel, P. (VUP):
 Microbiological-molecular monitoring of L. monocytogenes in cheese production chains

•    Kaclíková, E., Koreňová, J., Véghová, A., Kuchta, T. (VUP):
Traceability of L. monocytogenes in meat production chain

Contact:  Ing. Zuzana Sirotná, e-mail: zuzana.sirotna@uvzsr.sk

- Regional workshop - VII. Conference „Young Scientists“ – Food Safety in Košice, Slovakia, on the 3rd to 4th November 2014

This regional workshop was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic, the National Contact Point for scientific and technical cooperation with EFSA, and the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Košice. The 50 participants came from the National Reference Center of Environmental Microbiology of the project PROMISE.


Contact: Ing. Zuzana Sirotná, e-mail: zuzana.sirotna@uvzsr.sk

Czech Republic:

- PROMISE Summer School workshop on illegal food transport, 14th - 16th July 2014, Veterinary Research Institute, Brno

The 13 participants were talking on infections and the characterisation of imported food, detection of potential pathogens and their identification. Protein mass spectrometry, which was introduced during the summer school, can be used also for the identification of composition of different food stuff.


- Regional workshop in Keszthely
On the 16th of October, 2014 the regional workshop “Foodborne Pathogens and critical genes: inside/outside the EU food chain control" was hold in Keszthely, Hungary. It was organized by the Veterinary Medical Research Institute of CAR and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (VMRI) in the frame of the Annual Meeting of the Hungarian Society for Microbiology.

50 participants, which came also from the  Hungarian Food Safety Authority and the National Veterinary Inspection Services, took place in the event with the following program.

Program and Abstracts


- Regional Workshop in Garmisch
PROMISE regional workshop organised by VUW at the 55. Annual Meeting of the German Society for Veterinary Medicine (meeting for veterinarians from the German speaking countries- Dr. Kornelia Müller and Prof. Dr. Michael Bülte, Faculty for Veterinary Medicine, University of Giessen, Germany)  at the Kongresszentrum Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany,  on the 24th of September 2014

250 participants took part in the PROMISE associated program encompassing 6 presentations, which contained informations on neglected routes of transmission of food-borne pathogens through travelers; results of WP 2 of PROMISE in order to better understand the transmission of L. monocytogens through cross- contamination and the Control of Listeria through hygiene measures



- Regional Workshop “Campylobacter along the food chain – potential danger, precautions and control” at AGES in Vienna on the 9th of October

Remarks: More than 150 participants attended this conference. The audience consisted of stakeholders of almost the whole food chain (producers, public authorities like public health officers, public veterinarians, retailers, industry, universities, labs etc.).

International experts in the field covered the subject with talks about the agent itself, ways of transmission, hygiene precautions, disease prevention and control as well as consumer information.
The topics were lively discussed. Especially the latest data on Campylobacter in Austria and precautionary measures attracted the attention of the audience.

Program and downloads


Regional workshop at the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering in Galati, Romania, on 24th- 25th April 2014

Members of Scientific Council of NSVFSA, representatives of Faculty of Food Science and Engineering from Galati, the rector of “Dunarea de Jos’’ University of Galati (UGAL), representatives of NSVFSA and County Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate of Galati were present at the meeting. The meeting dealt with a Workshop on European strategies on risk assessment regarding food safety from technology point of view, and also the PROMISE-Project was presented.

Contact: Gina Popovici, e-mail: popovici.georgeta@ansvsa.ro


- 19th February 2014: in Cookstown, Northern Ireland  Partner Teagasc organid a workshop with focus on Basic microbiology, Listeria monitoring (PROMISE results) and the control of Listeria  through hygiene measures. Estimated 50 people joined this regional workshop.

Contact: Lisa O'Connor, e-mail: loconnor@fsai.ie

- 23rd June, 2014: Teagasc arranged another workshop in Ireland. About 10 participants came to Dublin. Basic microbiology, Listeria monitoring (PROMISE results) and the control of Listeria  through hygiene measures were also on the agenda in Dublin.

Contact: Lisa O'Connor, e-mail: loconnor@fsai.ie


Cookstown, Ireland 19. February, 2014
Galati, Romania 24. - 25. April, 2014
Garmisch, Germany 24. September, 2014
Keszthely, Hungary 16. October, 2014