Food Safety and Quality in Europe

2nd Stakeholder Workshop in Budapest, Hungary.

The second stakeholder event of the PROMISE project has taken place in Budapest, Hungary, on the 8th of May 2014.

The PROMISE project has a main strategic objective to integrate stakeholders like public health authorities and national food safety authorities from the new and old member countries. The integration is needed to ensure an exploitation of research results into standardization and harmonization efforts. A further aim is to iniate, maintain and improve a regular communication and dialogue with the respective food industry, including small- and medium sized (SMEs) enterprises, with organisations of standardisation and research and finally with the public, the
European consumers.

Therefore PROMISE decided to organise a session within the European annual conference of the International Association for Food Protection´s (IAFP) – European Symposium on Food Safety. The session took place in the afternoon with the following speakers from PROMISE:

  • Bernd Appel, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany

o Sampling Traveller´s Food at Airports: Do we carry Salmonella in
our handbags? (Video: Part I; Part II)

  • Martin Wagner: University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria

o Listeria monocytogenes isolated from Food Samples Collected from
Travellers and Black Markets: Characterisation and Epidemiology. (Video: Part I; Part II)

  • Bela Nagy: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

o Characterization of Selected Gram-negative Zoonotic Bacteria (E.
coli, VTEC, Campylobacter) isolated from Foods of Animal Origin
Smuggled to the EU. (Video: Part I; Part II)

In this afternoon session which was in fact the 2nd Stakeholder Event of PROMISE more than 50 attendees listened to the presentations of the experts out of the PROMISE consortium. In addition, the presentations have been recorded as video and are available on this site.

Please, find also the program of the European Symposium on Food Safety of the IAFP 2014 in Budapest, Hungary: