Food Safety and Quality in Europe

PROMISE attaches great importance to training activities. Developing and providing technical and online trainings are one of the main activities of our project. Face to face trainings allow for real-time interactions by giving opportunities for feedback and encouragement and motivate the participants. For this aim, PROMISE partner institutions organize “On Tour” Technical Training Workshop Tours (TTWT) periodically in order to optimise the impact of the scientific project activities and results. These 2 day workshops are hold by experienced and high profile senior researchers to contribute raising awareness among Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) who are selected to have long term researcher visit/exchange at the partner institutions.

Online trainings are target oriented, time-saving, easy-to-use tools enabling to be reached at anytime from anywhere. In order to take the advantage of e-learning applications, an e-learning platform called Promise Academy has been established. PROMISE training materials presented at TTWTs are available on this platform.

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