Food Safety and Quality in Europe


The overall objective of PROMISE was to improve and strengthen the integration, collaboration and knowledge transfer between the new and old member states of the European Union and its candidates countries through a collaborative research and  work plan to tackle common food safety  threats and hence to protect the European consumer.

The specific objectives of PROMISE are:

  • Analysis of yet unknown risks for transmission of pathogens through exogenous routes of transmission.
  • Investigation of yet unknown risks for transmission of pathogens through indigenous routes of transmission.
  • Development models to analyze the impact of food chain parameters on pathogen prevalence (EU Food Safety data).
  • Mitigating the impact of zoonotic disease in New Member Countries. Candidate Countries and Old Member Countries.
  • Dissemination of research results and scientific support to policy making.

food imports

PROMISE will analyse and demonstrate whether and to what extent Illegal food imports by individuals through ports, airports and at borders constitute sources of exogenous risks.

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