Kalite Sistem Laboratuarlar Grubu, Turkey

Kalite Sistem Laboratories Group, is established in 1991 by the technical support of IFU (Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries) and S&Q Tech and Steins Laboratories-Denmark, is an accredited entity since 1994. It Laboratories-Denmark. KSL is the largest private industrial testing organization in Turkey. The Group consists of four entities as Kalite Sistem Authorized Food Control Laboratories, Kalite Sistem Mugla Food Analysis Laboratory, Kalite Sistem Central Laboratories, and Kalite Sistem Training Center.
Kalite Sistem Laboratories Groupresearch & testing laboratory in Turkey, has wide range of expertise in R&D, testing, consultancy, training, and audit fields. KSL is accredited according to ISO 17025 and has been working on food, feed; packaging materials, cosmetics, detergent and cleaning chemicals. KSL’s main activities are food microbiology & chemistry, molecular biology (GMO analysis, food pathogen detections, detection of meat species, and food allergen analysis), food safety & hygiene, quality assurance, consumer health and environmental health areas. KSL serves ca 1600 different food companies and performs its activities with 120 high qualified staff consistsca 160 000 analysis in a year. KSL acts as a solution partner for all food sectors and has deep expertise in risk based food safety system implementations. KSL also gives wide range of training programs including food safety & quality, laboratory accreditation etc. ca 90 employees consisting of food engineers-engineers, microbiologists, chemists, chemical engineers, microbiologists, biochemists, veterinary surgeons, agricultural engineers, with M.ScMSc and Ph.D.PhD degrees and technician staff. The client list of Kalite Sistem Laboratories Group is made up of many national and multinational companies including; Algida, Amylum, Cargill, Carrefour, Cerestar, Coca Cola, Danone, Dia, Eurest, Fritolay, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Knorr, Kraft, Lamb Weston, Lipton, Mc Donald's, Metro AG, Nestlé, Pepsi Cola, Pizza Hut, Real, Real, Sodexho, Unilever, Sturbucks etc. KSL also works as the approved laboratory for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and Kraft,. KSL activities cover not only Turkey but also regional countries like Cyprus , Romania , Bulgaria  and other South-Easter European countries.
Kalite Sistem Training Center offers a wide range of training programs both general and sector-specific programs especiallywork for food-related sectors including hygiene and public health. 
Training programs are provided either open for general participation or tailored to the unique needs.
All programs are performed by our expert trainers .
Kalite Sistem performs food- related training programs as the training center of the Royal Institute of Public Health-RIPH .
Trainings about Quality are organized and certified by TU-Vienna experts and First Aid programs are approved by American Safety and Health Institute-ASHI.KSL.
KSL has promoted and coordinated 2 international food safety projects under EC LLP Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

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Contact Person: Saner Samim

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Within the scope of PROMISE project, KSL contributed to the training and dissemination activities (WP4 and WP6) of PROMISE. KSL served as the WPL of WP4 and KSL prepared webbased training system (Task 4.2 and Task 4.7) and an interactive webbased dissemination tool in WP6-T2. Furthermore KSL provided access to training facilities and support to TTWT workshops.

Under Task 1.1. “Standardisation of sampling and methodology”, KSL made sampling from Turkish internal market. 207 food samples of animal origin including dairy products, meat products and fish were analyzed for Listeria spp, Salmonella spp, Campylobacter spp, Verotoxigenic E. Coli (VTEC). Among the 207 samples, KSL detected 17 Salmonella-positive and 5 Listeria monocytogenes-positive results.  VTEC and Campylobacter couldn’t be detected in the food samples.

Within WP4 Task 4.7 “Lecture materials (webinars) for academic partners and stakeholders”, online training (e-learning) platform has been established under this task, enabling the access to the training of those unable to attend the TTWTs. 


As Learning Management System, Moodle e-learning software is used. In addition to online lectures, other tools like discussion forum, blog, upcoming events, instant messaging etc. are available for the users. In the online lectures, there is a special section for additional notes prepared by the lecturers for the users. A short biography and contact info of the lecturer is also given in the online lectures. Each of the TTWT online lectures gives the opportunity of listening the live recording of the relevant lecture.