Veterinary Research Institute Brno, Czech Republic

The Veterinary Research Institute (VRI) is a well-established research institute, which covers a broad range of areas of veterinary medicine from infectious diseases through immunology to food and feed hygiene, animal genetics and toxicology. Till now, the VRI hosted 25 EU funded projects indicating the ability of the Institute administration to manage the requirements of EU funded projects. The Salmonella group at the Department of Bacteriology has been extensively involved in Salmonella research for more than 30 years, aimed at diagnosis, epidemiology, pathogenesis and control in poultry and other farm animals. It consists of about 10 people dealing with Salmonella pathogenesis and vaccine development, epidemiology and resistance to antibiotics. Recently the genomic tools like microarray analysis of gene expression of Salmonella have been introduced to this lab. Besides multiple national ongoing projects, the Salmonella group participated or participates in 5 EU funded projects starting with Novacsal project under the 4th FP (finished in March 2002), Salarray under the 5th FP and Supasalvac, Safehouse and Safoodnet projects under the 6th FP scheme.

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Contact Person: Ivan Rychlik