Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Berlin, Germany

BFR is a scientifically oriented and independent superior federal authority responsible to the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture. BFR has currently 600 staff members (165 scientists), and an annual budget of 50 Mill €. It was established in 2002 as one of the successor institutions of the Federal Institute for Health Protection of Consumers and Veterinary Medicine (BgVV). With the help of risk assessment, BFR recommends management options for the reduction of risks. Against this backdrop, the institute assumes an important task in improving consumer health protection and food safety. The assessments are to be presented in a transparent and comprehensive manner to the general public. BFR is working in the fields of biological, chemical and toxicological risks with regard to the health protection of consumers. The biological risk assessment regarding the food chain is involved in the development and standardisation of methods for analysis and sampling of microorganisms and genetically modified organisms in animals, food and animal feed. Several National Reference Laboratories are part of the Institute, such as National Reference Laboratories for Campylobacter, Escherichia coli (including VTEC), Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and antibiotic resistance.

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Contact Person: Bernd Appel