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The Institute for Milk Hygiene, Milk Technology and Food Science is part of the Department of Farm Animals and Veterinary Public Health that is eo ipse part of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, which is itself under the Austrian Ministry of Science. The IMMF is organized as a research and education unit. The head of Institute, Univ. Prof. Dr. Martin Wagner, conducts the financial administration of research grants, teaching activities and research coordination. The research unit consists of four working groups: Molecular technologies in food science (coordinated by Dr. I. Hein), molecular epidemiology (Dr. B. Steszl), pathogen adaptation (Dr. K. Rychli) and global aspects of food safety (Dr. D. Schoder). The IMMF further host the Christian-Doppler Laboratory for Molecularbiological Food Analytics (CD-MOFA) and an Interdisciplinary work group on ecology of food-borne pathogens (Dr. S. Schmitz-Esser).  A total number of 15 employees have permanent position, in addition to a number of post-docs and postgraduate students. IMMF is partially financed by selling service to national and international food industries. IMMF works with rapid diagnosis of foodborne pathogens and molecular typing of milk borne pathogens. Recently the research focus was expanded to novel antimicrobial drug expression from fungi and proteome analysis of food-borne pathogens. Since 1986, IMMF has been conducting a national Listeria surveillance program. It also services a national Listeria type culture collection (human, animal and foodstuff) and a national sub-typing database.

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