Food Safety and Quality in Europe

Dissemination, exploitation, training and exchange programme

A major part of the PROMISE project focused on dissemination, exploitation, training and a researchers exchange programme.

Exploitation and dissemination were relevant right from the beginning of the PROMISE activities. The relevant tasks were performed by the entire consortium under the guidance of the coordinator and partner 18, rtd services.

Dissemination and training activities had the primary objective of enabling and promoting dissemination and communication within and from the PROMISE Network to serve in terms of both internal culture and external relations.

PROMISE organised thematic workshops during the project life that covered the principal aspects that affect the sustainability of the content produced by the project. Training workshops were organised on a regional basis and in addition an interactive training tool was implented.

Training workshops and seminars were organised to exchange expertise between project participants and in order to improve the integration of know-how also from the New Member Countries and Candidate Countries. It also helped to train the involved rsearchers on the different methodologies to be used in order to ensure reliable data.

For the industry and SMEs, special dissemination workshops were prepared in close contact with the target group concerned. They were organised in a way, which assures that results from the project and demands of target groups combined and met. Information about the project communicated to the various authorities involved. Information stands presented at major conferences and congresses  that offer the opportunity to meet and communicate with representative`s different centres.

The involved Food Safety Authorities dedicated a very important role within the dissemination of the PROMISE results into policy-making, harmonisation issues and standardisation measures. The Food Safety Authorities therefore organised workshops with the respective regional and national decision- and policy makers in order to discuss and exploit the research results of PROMISE.

Finally, a PROMISE Symposium was organised in order to present the gained results and discuss with the community on next steps and the exploitation of these results.