Food Safety and Quality in Europe


PROMISE was an EU funded research project with the overall goal to improve and strengthen the integration, collaboration and knowledge transfer between the new and old member states of the European Union and its candidate countries. The objective was to tackle common food safety threats and hence to protect the European consumers. PROMISE integrates stakeholders like public health authorities and national food safety authorities from the old and new member countries in order to ensure the exploitation of research results into standardization and harmonization efforts and hence to contribute to sustainability of project outcomes.

In Europe concerns about food are moving away from issues of ensuring an adequate supply and choice of products towards issues of food safety, animal and plant welfare, labeling and traceability. These changes in emphasis have been shaped by scientific and technological advances within the food chain on the one hand, and health or environmental concerns on the other hand.

PROMISE was linked with several other EU funded projects and benefited from their results and know-how. PROMISE was coordinated by the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria. Prof. Martin Wagner was the scientific coordinator who is the head of the Institute for milk hygiene, milk technology and food science.


PROMISE organised thematic workshops during the project life that will cover the principal aspects that affect the sustainability of the content produced by the project. Training workshops were organised on a regional basis and online training tool complements the training secondments and combines the dissemination through e-learning with social platforms elements - providing the community that means of dynamic interaction among themselves, the Mentors and Protégés and with workshop presenters. In the Curricula Support Kit you can find  interesting case studies.


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Prof. Martin Wiedemann (Cornell University, Ithaka, NY) gave a talk at our Stakeholder event in Dublin.

Overview of the PROMISE Project and Meeting in Burgos, Spain.

2nd Training Workshop in Dublin, Ireland.